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Described as the ‘Red Bull of Sleep Gear,’ Bedgear is a leading manufacturer of performance bedding essentials with a philosophy centered on delivering superior sleep quality for those with an active lifestyle. 

The ask

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • UI/UX
  • Design
  • Development

The client came to us looking to improve retail sales, enhance their Brand’s visibility in the marketplace, as well as redesign their fragmented e-commerce website. 

The answer

Through research findings, we knew that the bedgear target was an active individual, and that the audience was aware of the choices they needed to make in order for a better quality of life. 

The Bedgear consumer was an active individual, motivated by the drive to perform well in all aspects of their daily lives. They were runners, bikers, yogis, climbers, those that sought to lead an optimal lifestyle. Further, they were interested in technology, innovation and new ideas. 

Applying key learnings to the creative process, we created Bedgear’s Manifesto, Tagline and Brand Promise, which we used as a roadmap  to develop the brand’s online persona, brought to life through an engaging, interactive website that educated the consumer on the new category of  “performance bedding.”

To compliment this new brand look and tone, we developed four engaging technical animations that break down the products key components, giving viewers an in-depth view to the sophistication behind these products.

In addition, we pushed the boundaries on the technological side by developing a custom product selector that allowed potential consumers that ability find the right pillow based on their active lifestyle. 

The results

This newly-established identity, website and marketing materials has became the foundation for Bedgear to further their position as a leader in the bedding market.