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The Fiat 500 Rally is a national racing event series where participants drive a Fiat 500 Abarth on a professionally designed autocross course competing for the top lap times for the chance to win a Ferrari 458 Italia.  

Conceived by the motorsport industry veterans behind New England’s renowned Thompson Speedway, the Fiat 500 Rally is a motorsport event like no other. Thompson initially approached to brand the event and create a website.

The ask

  • Branding
  • UI/UX
  • Design
  • Development
  • Social

Develop a brand identity that was unique enough to appeal to a broad range of potential customers, while also maintaining the “hallmark” calling cards one would expect of a motorsport brand. Beyond the need for a recognizable image, we also needed to focus on the (3) key areas: 

Establishing credibility for a never-before heard of brand

Set it apart from the competition with racing experiences 

Establishing a social following with newly launched channels

The answer

We began by conducting research on our target demographic and their behaviors. Our research provided the information needed to begin shaping our consumer profile, and inform our recommendations regarding the brand’s overall design. The end product was a sleek and modern logo and fully responsive website that featured parallaxing elements, back end CMS for updating events and integrated social media channels in preparation of the launch.  

On the social front, we identified social media marketing advantages and opportunities by evaluating competitors, target audience data and social trends. By analyzing our competition’s audiences, we gleaned insight into the online habits, interests and characteristics of potential customers. We learned fans of similar brands skew male, are passionate adrenaline junkies and enjoy social sharing. 

The results

Instagram grew weekly and gathered strong momentum resulting in over 550% growth between the end of the first and seventh weeks. 
In one month website visits increased by 86% and Facebook fans increased by over 150%. In a short time, we are well on our way to being a recognizable brand with an energized fan base.