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Credited as one of New York’s original craft beer destinations, Amity Hall is one of eleven venues from well-known hospitality proprietors Martin and Mark Whelan.

In anticipation of the opening of Amity Hall’s second location, the group approached R2B with an expressed interest in a brand revitalization and fresh perspective on their digital and social media content.

The ask

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In a restaurant-rampant city like New York, differentiating yourself amongst the competition can be an especially daunting task. Amity Hall’s flagship location had an established reputation in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, but the new location was opening well across town where its reputation had yet to be established.

With the opening of a second outpost came the need to develop an identity with scalability, one that could appeal to differing neighborhoods and demographics, while still maintaining consistency in the overall new look and feel. 

The answer

Understanding each location’s customer was first and foremost, so our efforts started with an extensive background audit to get to know our neighbors, so to speak. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and data, we learned that while both locations were centrally located within walking distance of two of NYC’s largest college campuses (NYU and Columbia, respectively) the spending habits, most frequented days and times and competitive offerings differed drastically. As a result, the newly imagined Amity Hall needed to appeal to both the downtown college student and Upper West Side brunchers alike. 

The results

Upon re-launch of the brand’s Facebook page, we were able to grow the engagement rate by 4% and increase the number of fans by nearly 6%. We also established their Instagram account, which grew by over 100% within the first month.

Following the successful opening of their much-anticipated Upper West Side location in December 2015 and the introduction of a new look and feel, the Amity Hall brand continues to grow. R2B remains the AOR for all community outreach, content creation and online marketing efforts on behalf Amity Hall.

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  • 4%
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  • engagement rate
  • 6%
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