• WORK

Challenged with navigating the highly competitive gaming category to develop VFILES’ first game, we were tasked with developing an addictive game that not only required a complementary identity to the VFILES brand, but maintained industry relevance and incorporated innovative storytelling. Our solution? SMASHION!, a gaming application featuring custom models and designer outfits for an authentic front row fashion experience, which allows players to join their favorite supermodels on a Fashion Week adventure.

The ask

  • UI/UX
  • Design
  • App Development

Create an addictive mobile gaming application designed to put the fun back in fashion.

The answer

Through a combination of complex character illustrations and animation, Smashion follows your favorite supermodels on a fashion week adventure where users compete for the highest score and chance to earn discounts on their favorite designer duds from the VFILES Shop. 

The results

A mobile gaming app that embodied the edgy persona of the VFILEs brand, built for iOS and Android devices–delivers a 3D experience in either landscape or portrait orientation.